The Apex Mosquito Control Program

Apex will send a licensed applicator to treat your property approximately every 21-28 days (The timeline depends on variables, like the weather and habitat on the property). The applicator will focus on spraying vegetation on the interior and exterior of your property.

Apex’s Mosquito Control Plan is safe for children and pets. We recommend you wait approximately 30 minutes after application to allow the product to dry before returning to the yard. We will leave a note on your front door to let you know when we sprayed.

Apex's plan for mosquito control will usually end up being 6 applications. For the best coverage against mosquitoes it is helpful to spray before mosquitoes are active, early in the season, to stop them before they get started.

Apex's mosquito formula will cut down on the mosquito population on your property majorly after the first application and continue to reduce the population more with more applications.

Apex targets popular mosquito areas but our formula also stunts the growth of and kills ticks, ants and most other bugs.


Is it safe for my kids and pets?

Yes, Apex recommends staying inside while we spray and until it dries (15-30 Minutes) as an extra precaution, but the products we use are not harmful to humans or animals when they are used properly.

Why do you recommend applying before the mosquitoes are active?

Apex uses a product in our spray mixtures that stop mosquitoes and other insects like ticks and ants from growing and becoming biting pests, so getting out in front of the mosquitoes will contribute to a pest free yard.

Why do you apply every 21-28 days?

Apex uses multiple products to get the best results. All of these products have a residual effect. Some of the products last longer than others, and certain variables, such as rain will effect their residual effectiveness. All these variables are taken in to account as well as the amount of mosquito habitat, such as standing water, tall grasses, trees, and other vegetation in the area.

What can I do on my own to limit mosquitoes on my property?

Mosquitoes love things like, standing water, tall grasses, trees, weeds, and plants. So keeping a well kept yard will greatly increase your ability to control the mosquito population. Keeping weeds out of your lawn and garden beds will help, as well as keeping your lawn mowed to a reasonable height. Also, keeping things like dog pools or bird baths filled with water on your property can increase mosquito population, so we recommend draining those regularly.