The Apex Lawn Care Program

Early Spring Application-

The early spring application will be applied around March to late April depending on the soil temperature. The application will consist of a pre-emergent that works to prevent crabgrass and suppress broadleaf weeds. The application will also provide nitrogen to give your lawn the kick start it needs to start growing strong in the spring.

Late Spring Application-

The late spring application will be heavy in nitrogen to get your lawn growing strong to overpower weeds and give your lawn the look we all want. To go along with the nitrogen, we also add in a second round of pre-emergent to solidify our defense against many kinds of grassy weeds that hurt our lawns health and appearance. This will also be around when we start seeing weeds like dandelions coming up. This application will fight those weeds and other common spring weeds. Another way Apex sets our lawns apart from the other guys is in the application we use a root growth stimulant. The root growth stimulant gives your lawn the strength it needs to stay healthy and thrive all year.

Summer Application-

The two summer applications are very similar. On these applications we switch from focusing on growth to focusing on color and overall lawn health. We do that by cutting back on some of the key nutrients that really promote growth and start really pushing the micro nutrients that other programs forget about. Here we also keep monitoring the seasonal weeds to keep your lawn looking crisp. The final part of this application is what really sets Apex apart yet again. In this application we add in a liquid dethatcher, that eats away at the dead grass that blocks nutrients from getting to the soil.

Late Summer Application-

The late summer application will be very similar to our early summer application. We will continue to push micro nutrients to boost the green color and keep your lawn from either burning or needing to be mowed constantly in the summer heat. You should also be able to notice the thatch really starting to decompose beneath the healthy living grass at this stage as well.

Early Fall Application-

The Early Fall application is great to pair with an aeration and overseeding. If you decide to overseed with the application we will apply a starter fertilizer, which will have all of the important nutrients that your new grass seed needs to grow. This is a great time to focus on growing new grass and improving the health of the existing grass. We will also use more root growth stimulant on this application to give the new and old grass a boost of health.

Late Fall Application-

This fall application will be one of the most important things we do for your lawn over the season. It will be one of the main reasons that you will be able to notice your lawn is green while many other lawns are still covered in brown next spring. This application will make your lawn the apex lawn of the neighborhood when it comes back after the long Wisconsin winter.

Apex Garden Bed Weed Prevention-

As an additional benefit to Apex clients, we offer weed prevention in garden/landscape beds as an additional service. No one likes getting down in their garden beds and pulling weeds. However, weeds love to thrive next to our beautiful flowers. With Apex's program we will kill of the weeds in the beds while we are there and put down a chemical barrier that allows for the flowers and plants we want to keep growing, while keeping the weeds from coming up and ruining their appeal.